Business Overview

Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. “iRC”  is a joint-venture company, established on December 15th, 1969 with the aim to manufacture elastomer products for automotive and other industries, and motorcycle tires and tubes with high quality at the international level. Those quality products are manufactured from Rangsit, Pathumthani and Wangnoi, Ayutthaya plants. Our Businesses have been divided into 2 groups namely;

1. Industrial Elastomer Parts

iRC has manufactured and developed industrial elastomer parts based on customer demands under various specification and application. Our industrial elastomer parts can be divided into 2 main categories namely elastomer parts for automotive industry such as Hose Air, Weather Strip, Engine Mounting Rubber, Shield Fuel Tank, Rubber Gasket, Trunk Lid Cover, Rubber Fuel Tank Grommet, Rubber Sound/ Dust Seal etc. For other industries, iRC has aimed to support our customers’ specification such as rubber parts used in the Railway Infrastructure Projects, agricultural and fishery machineries, cooling machines rubber cushions for electrical appliances, construction materials, container seals, and others as customers’ needs.       

2. Motorcycle Tires and Tubes

iRC has strong commitments towards research and development as well as controlling of production process to continuously supply customers with accepted-quality products and deliver new innovation to meet the diverse customer demands and lifestyles whether in terms of pattern, size, specification and performance. Quality products made by iRC are delivered to leading motorcycle manufacturers both in Thailand and overseas including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and etc. to be utilized in Original Equipment Market (OEM), allowing “iRC” to continuously gain highest market share in OEM market and being able to carry out product distribution in both domestic and oversea replacement markets.

Throughout the business history, iRC has managed to achieve sustainable growth with the commitment to creating innovation together with production capacity enhancement in order to control product quality at reliable and trustful level as well as maximize customers’ satisfaction both locally and internationally. This emphasizes iRC’s mission:

“Be the Leading Company in Innovation Development and the Smart Factory of Quality Elastomer Products, Motorcycle Tyres and Tubes in AEC"

  • 2017

    ► Received “Automation Award” in Productivity Improvement of the Assembly process of air intake hose by automation from INOAC CORPORATION

    ► Received certificate of “Good organization that empower persons with disabilities” from Pathumthani province.

    ► Organized “IRCT Group Step to Thailand 4.0 with the DVE” event and presented the successful projects from the graduated students in IRCT Dual Vocational Project 2016.

    ► Ranked at the top 100 companies for outstanding performance in terms of environment, social, and governance among 656 listed companies, “ESG 100 Certificate 2017” for 2 consecutive years.

    ► Certified ISO14001:2015 (new version)

    ► Certified IATF16949:2016 (new version) and ISO 9001:2015 (new version)

    ► Achieved 10 million working hours without lost time accident.

    ► Received “Team Presenter – Gold, in actively participating and sharing of best practice” award from the Quality and Productivity Association of the Philippines (QPAP), INC. in “2017 International Convention on Quality Control Circles” event, at the Philippines.

    ► Got “Very Good” CG scoring rated by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) from the survey of 620 listed companies. This guarantees the Company’s good corporate governance.

    ► Listed in Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) 2017 awarded by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Company is one of 65 listed companies with outstanding performance on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects.

    ► Received “SET Sustainability Awards 2017 – Rising Stars”. The Company was one of 24 listed company that was chosen as “Role model” for excellence sustainable business performance.

  • 2016

    ► Signed “Anti-Corruption” ratification, IRCT Group stated the power against corruption

    ► Received certificate: Silver Level, 1st year 2016 Zero Accident Campaign from Ministry of Labour

    ► Ranked at the top 100 companies for outstanding performance in terms of environment, social, and governance among 621 listed companies, "ESG 100 Certificate 2016"

    ► Received TLS 8001-2010 Certificate at Basic Level by the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, The Ministry of Labour. This certified that the Company complied with the social responsibility standard of Thai business according to the Laws of Labour Protection, Labour Relations, Occupational Health and Safety, and working environment

    ► Signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Industrial Supply Chain Efficiency Improvement Project 2016 of Department of Industry Promotion, Ministry of Industry

    ► Participated in Dual Vocational Training Program with the Vocational Education Commission, Ministry of Education, to push forward the cooperation, as well as to support the scholarships to become a concrete accomplishment

    ► Kicked off the cooperation project-- Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Rubber Cooperative Klongpang with the aim to achieve ISO 9001:2015 – February - and the Cooperative finally achieved the ISO 9001: 2015 international standard in June.

  • 2015

    ►Received the Corporate Governance Report in “Very Good” rating surveyed by Thai Institute Of Directors which had been developed from “Good” rating last year 

    ►Received the Honorable Trophy of “Greening Supply Chains in Thai Auto and Automotive Parts Industries” project which is the cooperation among German International Cooperation (GIZ), Thai Automotive Institute (TAI), and The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)

    ►Declared the intent to join the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC)

    ►Signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Value-Adding of Natural Rubber by Using in the Railway System with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technology Research (TISTR) 

    ►Established the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibilities (CGSR) Committee by the Board and aborted the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee since the scope of work has expanded and enhanced the duty of Good Corporate Governance in accordance with the international standards

  • 2014

    ►Received Delivery Award for the year 2013/2014 at Quality, Cost and Delivery Awards Announcement of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    ►IRC Rangsit Site granted Zero Accident Award from Ministry of Labor for 3.1 million hour without a lost time injury

    ►Obtained Outstanding Award for Labor Relations and Welfare of the year 2014 (4consecutive years) from Ministry of Labour

    ►Gained Honorable Trophy for Establishment Model of Patumthani, due to participation in Integrated Management on Promoting Occupational Safety and Disease Prevention for the Employees in the Establishment Project

  • 2013

    ►Obtained CCC Mark (China Compulsory Certification) in Tire-Tube Business Unit from China

    ►Received the Certificate of Accreditation Laboratory ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 from Thai Industrial Standards Institute from Ministry of Industry to IRC (Asia) Research Limited, Rangsit site

  • 2012

    ►Set up Risk Management Committee to support Management Team and decision making of the Board of Directors

    ►Set up Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee to comply with the Company’s policy in taking responsibility towards society earnestly

    ►Certified ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO/TS16949 : 2009 standards for Industrial Elastomer Division

  • 2010

    ►Be the first motorcycle T/T company that stopped using raw materials contained PAH and produce T/T with low PAH which meet the same standards as the EU T/T manufacture regulations

  • 2007

    ►Received Best Quality Improvement Activities from Daikin Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    ►Certified environmental management ISO 14001 for Industrial Rubber Parts

    ►Received Best Quality Award from Thai Honda Manufacturing

    ►Received the TLS 8001-2003 Certificate at Foundation Level as the Company achieved requirements of Thai Corporate Social Responsibility based on legal provisions on Labor Protection, Labor Relations and Occupational Safety, Health and Environment from the Ministry of Labor, the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

    ►Officially Opened “Vityanusorn Memorial Hall” at Wangnoi site in memory of the Company’s founder

  • 2006

    ►Invented new product "Face Comdrive" supplying to Thai Honda Manufacturing Ltd. for “Click” model

    ►Invested in new Continuous Vulcanization Machine from Germany for producing Industrial Elastomer Parts

  • 2005

    ►Received Energy Saving Awards from the Ministry of Energy

    ►Received Best Effort for Siam Toyota Manufacturing 2,000,000 engine production

    ►Invested in new machine 4 Rolls-S-Type Calendar for Tire Fabric

    ►Mitsubishi launched New 1 Ton Pick Up " Tri Ton (v Project 3E00v)" in June

  • 2004

    ►Par changed from THB10 per share to THB1 per share, which affected the company’s ordinary shares increase from 20 million shares to 200 million shares

    ►Certified ISO 9001 for Industrial Rubber Parts

    ►Received Best Effort for Thai Honda Manufacturing 10,000,000 unit

    ►Toyota Motor Thailand Launched New 1 Ton Pick Up "Hi-Lux Tiger (IMV Project)" on August

  • 2003

    ►Received in Industrial Relations Awards from the Ministry of Labor, the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

    ►Started A New Assembly Line for Motorcycle Wheels

    ►Certified QS 9000 (version 2003) for Industrial Rubber Parts

  • 2001

    ►Established a subsidiary company namely Kinno Hoshi Engineering Co., Ltd.

    ►Certified ISO 9002 (version 2001) for Industrial Rubber Parts

    ►Established Inoac Tokai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    ►Isuzu Motors Thailand launched new 1 Ton Pick Up D-Max (190 model) and selected IRC as its supplier

    ►Invented new special type of motorcycle tube called Tuff-up or Non-puncture Tube

  • 2000

    ►Certified QS 9000 for Industrial Rubber Parts

  • 1999

    ►Received Mor. Or. Gor. Standard 682/2540 for motorcycle tire

    ►Received Quality Improvement Award Thai Honda Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

  • 1998

    ►Certified ISO 9002 for Industrial Rubber Parts

    ►Certified E-Mark (Europe Standard)

  • 1995

    ►Received investment promotion from the Board of Investment to manufacture industrial rubber parts at Wangnoi site

    ►Received outstanding performance in Parts Quality Control from Toyota Motors Thailand

    ►Received Best Delivery Control Target of 1994 Toyota award systems

    ►Established a subsidiary company namely IRC (Asia) Research Co., Ltd.

    ►Established Toei - Inoac Co., Ltd.

  • 1994

    ►Received Best Quality Evaluation of Kashiwakai Club MMC Sittiphol Co. Ltd.

    ►Transformed to be a Public Company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand

  • 1993

    ►Increased the registered capital from Baht 20 million to 200 million

  • 1989

    ►Implemented Management Information Systems (MIS) for managing both internal and external information

  • 1988

    ►Appointed Sittipol 1919 Co., Ltd. to be a sole distributor of the Company's products in the replacement market

  • 1987

    ►Began to export the motorcycle tires and tubes

  • 1978

    ►Increased the registered capital from Baht 10 million to 20 million

  • 1975

    ►Started a production of industrial rubber parts for automotive industry and other industries

  • 1970

    ►Started a production of motorcycle tire and tube for 54,000 pcs/month

  • 1969

    ►Mr. Kanok Leeissaranukul and Mr. Iichi Inoue formed Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (IRC) with an initial registered capital of Baht 10 million